Making menstrual cups more approachable

December 18, 2018

This post explores the process of creating The Switch. Looking for an overview? See the project page.


Despite having physical, environmental, and financial benefits, lack of exposure in mainstream media and markets has prevented widespread use of menstrual cups. The majority of menstruators already use tampons, pads, and/or liners, and are not convinced to undertake the physical and emotional risk of switching menstrual hygiene products. While the Lena Cup is recognized as the #1 cup for beginners, Lena's existing site does not effectively communicate the product's value and benefits to potential customers.


After identifying business problems within the menstrual cup market, we identified frictions with Lena's existing website. Information was scattered across multiple pages, and neglected to highlight the product’s extensive benefits. We then conducted a survey to understand peoples' perception of cups and the factors influencing this perception, in order to design a digital experience that encouraged visitors to try the product.

Business Problem A: Product Apprehension

Business Problem B: Established Habits

After considering the various opportunities for this project as well as its scope and timeframe, we focused on addressing the apprehensions of potential customers.

The opportunity: address apprehensions for those who have not used a menstrual cup before

We then developed personas from common themes in our research: we chose to design for the 'Accustomed & Uncertain' menstruator, who uses other menstrual products and does not know enough about cups to switch over.

One of the personas derived from our research: accustomed & uncertain

The nature of the product lends itself to a rocky customer journey. Our research suggests the struggle of switching is recognized by the majority of cup users, but is said to be well worth it. Considering the business problems, we chose to address the pre-purchase stages and aimed to convey the value of menstrual cups more effectively.

The customer journey map of someone purchasing a Lena Cup


For the awareness stage, we considered how customers might find out about The Switch.

Because Lena is an online brand, social media is a seamless touchpoint. Instagram ads capture mobile customers, as well as promote Lena's presence.

Facebook ads capture desktop users and promote Lena’s page.

The final step of the onboarding emphasizes Lena's customer satisfaction policy and reminds visitors that they can return their cup for a full refund.


Lena's current site has a stories section, but doesn't feature any content related to personal experiences with cups. We found this was a missed opportunity, seeing as based on the number of reviews and discussion online, cup users love to share their stories. Our research also suggested that if people could see how using a cup would impact their lifestyle, they would feel more comfortable with them.

Our survey of over 450 respondents suggested that most customers were convinced to try a menstrual cup by a close friend or sibling. To create a meaningful experience, the team decided to strategize content from the perspective of a supportive, older sister. As the content strategist, I ensured that all content followed this principle and had a consistent tone and attitude.

Using personal stories on the Lena website could help give potential customers the confidence to try a Lena cup.

Ongoing use

As advertised on their site, Lena is happy to have representatives answer any questions their customers have, or give advice to those just starting out. To make sure customers feel taken care of, Lena can reach out and ask how things are going. When customers write positive reviews, Lena could ask them to share their story on the Lena website and continue the cycle.

Lena can leverage the enthusiasm of happy customers to increase adoption of menstrual cups while making customers feel like part of a community.


The Switch by Lena directly addresses false assumptions, apprehensions, and concerns consumers may have about menstrual cups.

Leveraging the brand's #1 status and encouraging visitor engagement, The Switch acts as a hero element on Lena's landing page to capture newcomers. Lena's existing home page content remains below.

The Switch aims to efficiently and clearly answer potential customers’ questions.

Each step of the onboarding has secondary information associated with it to answer follow-up questions.