Despite the importance of credit in personal finance, an estimated 56% of Canadians have never checked their credit score and 31% don't know how to improve their score (BMO, 2016). We saw this as an opportunity to support people in learning about credit through a mobile app offered by Vancity, a local credit union. The project was sent to Vancity directors, who invited us to present to their Digital Services team at their head office in Vancouver.

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Financial literacy is an important component of all of our products and services at Vancity. The app demonstrated the unique financial needs of our members and community, with excellent design and a modern take on Vancity branding. This project inspired our Digital team to push for new user experiences. It is clear that the product was well researched and would produce the results that the team wanted.Aaron Walker, Manager, User Experience at Vancity


As the project manager, I ensured that the project's individual parts were being completed and were cohesive, and decided when to stop iterating and start polishing. As the content strategist, I wrote copy that was consistent with our three design principles: personal, clear, and hopeful. I also ensured that the credit-related content in MyCredit was beneficial and easy to understand, which I validated by conducting interviews and think-aloud testing with 9 participants.


Despite the importance of credit scores in personal finance, an estimated 56% of Canadians have never checked their credit score and 31% don't know how to improve their score.

With 250,000 of them – close to half of our members – interacting with us almost entirely online or via our mobile app, we’re under pressure to deliver even more mobile and digital functionality.Vancity 2017 Annual Report

Vancity's current website offers some credit help, but it lies 4 levels deep in navigation. Furthermore, their existing banking app has yet to provide resources for credit management.


MyCredit is a companion app for Vancity members to manage their credit and set goals that encourage credit building, to better support their financial well-being.

Since credit is unfamiliar for so many people, the onboarding helps members learn a bit about credit while setting up the app.

The Score Details screen provides members with an overview of their score, as well as a breakdown of what is influencing their score.

The Learn tab provides resources for members to better understand the five factors that influence their score, and how their financial activity is influencing their score.

The Goals tab allows members to track their progress, see the steps they need to take to improve their score, and set new goals.