Sourcing Paths

Visier's Sourcing Paths visual shows the internal positions that people in a given job have come from. This allows organizations to improve recruitment efficiency and employee development by seeing where a job has previously been sourced from.

Screenshot of Sourcing Paths


  • shipped a new visualization for the Summer 2021 release of Visier People
  • developed several concepts for product enhancements

My contribution

As the lead designer for the project, I facilitated communication between relevant parties, developed concepts for review, created a final proposal, and worked alongside developers to implement the feature and address bumps along the way.


In preparation for the Summer 2021 release of Visier People, our Product team set out to identify analytics experiences that could help sell our solutions and differentiate Visier People from other BI tools. We consulted with our sales team, solution managers, and product managers, and eventually settled on a promising idea that would help our customers with talent acquisition.


Visier's Sourcing Paths visual is a powerful tool for recruitment decision-making. From a hiring perspective, it shows which internal positions may be a good source for a certain role.

For example, say you need to hire some Vice Principals, but they're hard to find at the moment. If several of your Vice Principals were previously Teachers, you might consider looking at which of your current Teachers you could hire for the VP role, and then hire a new Teacher to fill the empty role, which might be easier to do.

  • jobs can be traversed; if you'd like to see the sourcing paths for a source job, you can select it